Running Recap

In continuing on in my quest to not die (of embarrassment or any other running-related maladies) next Saturday doing my first 10k, I headed out for an easy 5k Monday. The route I took was basically half the course I’ll run on race day–it’s an out-and-back type situation, so I just went out. My time was on pace with my sub-hour goal, and aside from the part where I sneezed like five times and had to wipe my nose on my shirt (what?) it was pretty nice.

Yesterday, however, kind of kicked my ass. I decided to try a new route starting from home, that would take me through the last mile and a half or so of the race route (but wouldn’t be the end of my run). It went something like this:

First half mile, uphill. Gah I suck at hills. Turn up iPod. Try not to think about it.

Get to turn where I’m headed downhill for about a mile and a half. This isn’t so tough. Why, I could do a marathon next Saturday! Make amazing time on this stretch.

Next turn, which sends me running directly into the wind. Uphill. On a mostly straight path where I can see just exactly how devastatingly far my next turn is. Maybe I should stop and walk. No, don’t stop–it could be like this on race day. Are you going to stop then?? Keep running.

Turn up iPod. Slow to agonizing pace. Pass woman walking her dog and think how smart she is for WALKING. Mentally badger self into getting to the next turn.

Have to stop for traffic to FINALLY cross the street and get out of the wind. Body squeals with delight. Cross street and start running again, only to develop a stitch that actually makes it hard to breathe in. I make it about half a mile before I can’t take it anymore and have to walk it out. Chide self for not being able to kick Diet Mountain Dew addiction, as I’m certain it’s somehow related.

Spend the rest of the way home trying way harder than should be necessary to breathe just so to keep the horrendous pain in my side at bay.

SO, getting through that windy death-stretch was definitely something, but what followed certainly didn’t feel great. It was like a 4.5-mile route, and I estimate I didn’t quite run 4 miles.

I’ve decided I’ll give up my carbonated addiction the week before the race (do I sound like an addict or what?!) so hopefully that will help the stitch situation. In the mean time, I’m trying to cut back in preparation. Is there a patch for this?

1 Response to “Running Recap”

  1. 1 Partner in Crime April 30, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    Thankfully on race day we’ll have each other! Even if it’s windy we’re going to kick that 10K’s butt! Or least finish it which is all that matters.

    In other news, I’ve had similar runs lately. Hopefully we’ll have a good run Sunday and combined with no DMD consumption we’ll be fine.

    Think positively!

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