The Home Stretch

My first 10k is less than a week away now and I think I’m about as prepared as I can hope to be (for having only decided to run it a couple weeks ago, that is.) I got in 22 miles this week, which included two 6-milers(!) and a few 3’s and 4’s.

If you’re reading this and thinking I’m some athletically inclined skinny bitch, you can stop hating me right now. Because getting my mileage back up has been challenging, to say the least. (Also, I’m of the child-bearing hips variety. No skinny bitches here. FYI, I use that as a term of endearment with friends who are more genetically fortunate in that department than I, so please, take no offense if you are an SB yourself. End of sidebar.) I started with suffering (yes, SUFFERING!) through Jillian Michael’s workouts to get myself back into the groove of feeling pain in the name of accomplishing something. I had been doing 2-3 milers here and there (but with minimal dedication) before I started “training” (if you can call it that) and the first 4+ mile run didn’t feel good at all. And I don’t think the next one did either. But that’s the thing about getting back into running. In the beginning, it just sucks. You feel somewhat defeated because you’re not as fast as you used to be, can’t exactly breathe comfortably, and all you can think about around mile 5 is OMG LET ME STOP CAN’T GO ANY FURTHER. But you take a quick breather, suck it up, and keep going. Because that’s the only way to get any better.

Today’s run was pretty decent, I think. I did 6 with my friend Megan, whom I’ll be running the race with (she’s already done SEVERAL races this spring. hello, pressure!) but she keeps telling me I’ll be able to stay with her. We took a few water breaks and I made us stop for a killer stitch for a minute or two, but I swear I won’t consume another carbonated beverage until after the race, so that should help that. All in all, I felt pretty good afterwards. I made Megan promise to not let me stop on race day unless I was, like, actually dying. Being a good friend, she promised to threaten to leave me behind. Yep, that’ll do it.

This week I’m thinking to get in a couple 5k’s and some cardio, rest Friday, and then bam! I’ll be at the starting line!

I’ll be the girl with the pre-race jitters and the diet-soda-withdrawl-induced shakes. And the determination not to be left behind.

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