My Week, in Bullets

  • I gave up my I-must-run-with-my-iPod addiction this week, and after a day or two, I really didn’t miss it anymore.
  • I ran some no-BS hills (MOUNTAINS, if you ask me) this week and didn’t die.
  • I’ve finally given in to what my legs/feet are telling me and have laid off the wearing of the ridiculous high heels. Sad face.
  • Jacqueline lent me this book and I’m only about halfway through it but I’ve learned all sorts of useful info so far. I’ve always kind of wondered if I’m over thinking this running road races business, but I definitely don’t think I am anymore.
  • I got in a great 11-miler with Megan yesterday. I have GOT to find a running buddy in town. Preferably sometime before I have to start logging 18- and 20-milers on my own.
  • I get a bonus from Coach this month and I’m toying with the idea of using part of it to buy another new pair of Asics and alternating between two pairs while I train. (Will I get more life out each pair this way? Any benefit?) If you have thoughts or wisdom to share on this, please do.
  • I have no idea how I lived without the Forerunner. If I had to choose between my stash of Coach purses and that handy little gizmo, I’d seriously give up the handbags. Seriously.
  • Thanks to my good friends at Netflix, I’m now addicted to Weeds.
  • I successfully ate while running yesterday, but managed to actually CUT myself with the package of Luna Moon Chews. I’m awesome like that.
  • 2 weeks until my half marathon, 16 weeks until the full!

Huh, I basically have nothing to talk about but running.  There are worse things to be preoccupied with, right?

1 Response to “My Week, in Bullets”

  1. 1 Stacey T. August 3, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    Hi! I am training for the Houston marathon (January 10) and the Phoenix half (October 09), I can’t wait to see what you’re training for and hear how it’s going!

    Shredhead buddy,

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