In a Good Place

So I’ve neglected to update lately (shocking, I know) but here’s what you’ve missed:

  • I’ve gotten in my longest run to date, a 12-miler, which went exceedingly well despite the fact that my stomach acted like I had some kind of dysentery for about 7 miles of it.
  • I got in some hilly runs where I was able to maintain the pace I’m shooting for in the half marathon (and the race is downhill so, in theory, this is awesome.)
  • I ran in what felt like bajillion-degree weather the other day (which I hate) and still stayed under that magic minutes-per-mile I’m aiming for. And the race starts at 6 am in the middle of a canyon, so it’ll be considerably cooler. Again, hoping this means good things for race day.

I just did my last taper run this morning, which was weird. My schedule for the week was 4 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday, 2 today…and that’s it. I haven’t gone two days without running, in I don’t know, a while. I’m following the plan though, because it’s gotten plenty of people across the finish line, so I trust it.

I’m actually not nervous for Sunday yet, which is really saying something for me. I’m weirdly excited to see how close I can get to two hours–and am looking at this race as an opportunity to really enjoy the hard work I’ve put in. (The last couple races I’ve done I’m a nervous wreck and mentally badger myself for being so stupid as to PAY to do something like this as I approach the starting line.) But right now, I’m in a different place. And I hope I can stay here. I feel…dare I say…confident? Not that I’m going to smoke the competition or anything, but that I’ve done the necessary training and I’m ready. Even if I don’t finish under my goal, I KNOW I can finish. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

So the next time you hear from me I’ll have 13.1 more miles on my legs. Can’t wait to tell you how it goes.

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