Another 13.1 Miles

Second half marathon: check!

I was really quite relaxed for this race (I mean, hello! I can run 16 miles…albeit slowly…but I can definitely run this distance!) except for the grief my stomach gave me on Thursday and Friday. I think it was some kind of 24-hour bug or something–I heard from several other people they had it too and it went away quickly–but it still made me VERY nervous to go out there not being entirely sure what would happen. I drank a ton of Gatorade and water and ate light Friday and Saturday though, and that along with whatever it was working its way out of my system led to a happy tummy this morning! I am extremely grateful for that.

I had a race plan for running a PR today, but only on the off chance that I felt up to running it–I really didn’t expect to PR today (my PR was on a largely downhill course with ZERO uphills–today’s race was plenty hilly, and I thought, considerably harder.) The PR plan was to start at 9:10s, which I did, and then drop down to 9 once we got past the worst of the hills (around mile 5).

The dropping down to 9’s didn’t happen, but Megan and I did stay at 9:10 for the majority of the race. Around mile 11 Megan started to drift away and I thought about kicking it in with her but I PROMISED myself I wouldn’t do anything stupid today (ultimate goal=marathon!) and I decided not to push my luck–my stomach wasn’t doing anything wretched and I had a teeny stitch that was staying at bay. I did lose some time in 11 and 12 (just like last time) and I really want to focus on improving this. (Workout suggestions?? Please do tell!) I DID however, run a negative split for the first time in my entire life (barely!), and I still finished in under 2:10 (my seriously-you-better-finish-in-under-this-time goal.) Megan got in just under a minute ahead of me and ran one hell of a PR, taking something like 6 minutes of her last race. My chip time was actually incorrect (I know, I sound like a lying whiny baby) but I swear! It was! It must not have caught me at the start so it clocked my finish with gun time (NOT CORRECT! I did NOT try to start with the fast people! I’m not crazy!) So, based on the difference between Megan’s gun and chip time (we started together) I put it in my training log at 2:04:07. I’ll take it.

After our finish!

After our finish!

I REALLY wish Megan and I could train together more often. She had a little trouble in the beginning (where I seem to do well) and she pushed the pace from 7 on (where I struggle). We’re running another race together in a couple weeks (a random 15-miler, that, frankly, I’m not racing, but I had to do 15 anyways, so why not?) and I’m hoping to try and stick with her to the end–she’s just better there than I am.

Overall, it was a great race, and I’m just so grateful I felt well for it. I dial my long run down a couple miles this week before the 15 in two weeks, and I think that’s the last race I’ll do before Philly. 10 more weeks of training left!

Our crew post-race! Megan's sister Mallory, Natalie, me and Megan.

3 Responses to “Another 13.1 Miles”

  1. 1 amyreinink September 14, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    Great race! Can’t complain about a PR, especially following a few days of stomach troubles! And bonus points for finding a training buddy that pushes you when you need it most, and vice versa.

    • 2 Jordan November 12, 2013 at 12:51 pm

      How To Leverage Connections Into Business Opportunities: This is a very good interview done by my good freind Srinivas Rao over at BlogCastFm. Megan talks about how active engagement in a community has led to significant revenue streams in a fairly short time. A must-listen for any aspiring entrepreneur.

  2. 3 purpleshoes September 14, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    Thanks Amy! No PR though (mine is 1:56:31) and this course was definitely tougher than where I PR’d! Hope training is going well!

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