3 Goals

I’m getting SUPER excited for the FM Fargo Half Marathon on Saturday. If you saw me before the 10ks I ran this past spring/summer, you’d be certain I was lying through my teeth. Total-wreck-ball-of-nerves doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it. But I’ve come a long way since my first race in May.

I’ve read on Amy’s blog before about setting 3 goals for a race, and I just happened to stumble across an article about in this month’s Runner’s World too. I feel like because I’m going for something that, frankly, I don’t KNOW if I can do, it’s good to have some realistic expectations on the table too. SO:

My race plan will center around goal #1: a 1:53:something. Frankly, a PR would qualify here, but that will be the magic number on my pace band.

Goal #2 will be to come in under 2 hours.

Goal #3 is the I-hope-to-God-I-don’t-need-this-one goal of being under 2:05.

So why won’t I shut the hell up about my goal for this race? Committment and accountability. I’m preparing for this as a race, not a training run. My legs should be able to take it. And if I don’t say “1:53!” out load it’ll be too easy to see my pace start to slip at mile 11 and think “well, no one KNOWS I wanted a 1:53, so who cares!”

If I don’t make it, then you’ll know I didn’t make it. And that’s ok. Because I’ll know I was honest with myself about my expectations. If I miss, I really won’t have any excuses. No tired legs. No “I wasn’t really pushing that hard.” No reason I can’t give this everything I’ve got. I’m getting to the point in my training where I’m starting to see what I could run in Philly–a range that seems doable. And I’m incredibly determined to hit the low end of it.

So if things get rough those last couple miles, I’ll be thinking about how this is an important step towards the Philly finish line. And I’ll think about how excited I’ll be if I get that PR.

And I’ll think about you reading this, and how my goal is no secret this time.

Happy running.

3 Responses to “3 Goals”

  1. 1 amyreinink October 6, 2009 at 9:29 am

    I saw your “three goals” teaser on Twitter, and thought: Hey! Someone else uses the three-goal strategy, too! Thanks for the shout-out, and glad you find it a helpful tactic. I truly feel like it helps me prepare for the unexpected — no one WANTS to adjust their goal time for stomach troubles, terrible weather, etc, but if you acknowledge it’s something that can happen, it helps you think on your feet and adjust on race day.

    That said … I feel an A time is in your future!

  2. 2 Melissa Galyon October 6, 2009 at 9:40 am

    Hey Jenn! Great goals 🙂 I have total faith that you’ll make your A goal with ease… When you get your bib number, let us know so we can keep you in our prayers!

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