In Brief

My last few weeks: some good runs, some cold (REALLY COLD like hands go NUMB, cold) runs, some not-so-good runs (because I threw the 10% rule out the window and spent 3 weeks living by the 10 MILE rule, a highly scientific process by which you increase your mileage by 10 each week and then can’t understand why your legs suddenly feel like lead), too many holiday sweets, lot of toiling over 2010 goals, boldly attempting to wear heels again, being spoiled rotten for Christmas, and resisting the urge to register for every marathon under the sun.

This week: trying to keep my weekly total under control so I don’t have dead legs for Friday’s 10k, the first in a four-part race series I’ve signed up for. Don’t worry, it’s in Minneapolis, where the forecasted HIGH is 5 degrees that day. So this should be interesting.

In addition to that series (that cost like a million dollars, by the way) I’ve also chosen my next marathon! I’m going to, drumroll please, the illustrious Fargo, North Dakota! So it’s no Big Sur, but it’s close to home, everyone who’s run it has nothing but good things to say (did you see this month’s Runner’s World?), it’s flat, and it’s got PR written all over it : )

Here’s a few photos from my holiday weekend! Hope you had a good one!

Me geeking out over the knee-deep snow on Christmas Day.

Romping through the snow on Christmas Day.

Wrapping job courtesy of my husband.

Once of my favorite Christmas presents.

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