Change of Plans

So, I’m not going to Eugene anymore.

This week, my husband’s Very Large Corporate Employer decided that in March, his job will no longer be performed on American soil…it’s going to India. (THANKS, guys.) It’s fine, really, and he’ll likely be relocated within the company–maybe even to a better position–but while things are up in the air right now, I can’t possibly feel good about blowing off money on a plane ticket and another marathon registration, you know? Chris is great and said I really didn’t have to cancel the trip, but I think it was the right thing to do.

This means that my quick jump into week 3 of my Higdon plan (to accommodate my rash decision to head to Eugene in the first place) has left me 3 weeks ahead for Fargo. I’m thinking to basically repeat the week I’m on right now, but vary the length of the long run until I’m back on track.

I’m actually really excited to be focusing on Fargo again, because not more than a few minutes after I made my decision to trash the Oregon trip, Jeff told me he’s training for the same goal pace I am–sweet! Once the weather shapes up, I’m hoping we can get some of our training miles in together.

Work was particularly rough this week (although, I still have my job for the foreseeable future, so shut up Jenn!) and over a quick frustration-filled lunchtime run I discovered in can run a 5k in 24 minutes–who knew? I’m going to start adding tempo work into my routine this week, so hopefully miles like that won’t just be a fluke in the future.

Otherwise, I’m just swimming and biking three times a week, still no real time or distance goals. I had a really productive swimming lesson today, and even though I’m doing all sorts of things wrong, I feel good about knowing what I have to work on.

Also, with Eugene off the calendar, I’m officially committing to the Brookings Mini Tri on April 25. I wasn’t sure if I’d be ready in time for this one because of my total lack of swimming capabilities, but it’s still 3 months away, and my spring marathon is now 3 weeks later–so no excuses. This girl’s going to be swimming 500 yards–and doing it well–by April 25!

Happy running.

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