Swim, Bike, Run, Eat Cake

Let’s catch up, shall we?

My past two weeks: run, bike, swim, run, run, swim, bike, run, run, swim, make a half-ass attempt to lift weights.

(Exciting, huh?)

I finally worked in a tempo run last week, getting in 3 miles at 8:15 pace, and put in an 11-miler outside on glare ice in ONE DEGREE weather. The rest was easy miles on the treadmill…not super exciting stuff.

before heading out for some (feels like) sub-zero miles. awesomesauce.

I’m meeting with my swim coach Heather once a week, and our meeting last week left me feeling a lot better about my chances of becoming a legit swimmer. It’s taking what seems like FOREVER, but things are slowly starting to come together. (I still feel like a poser in the pool though.)

In biking, I’ve been hitting up some spin classes, and finally got the computer installed on my bike so I can start using this book (and know what I’m doing.)

Fitting in two-a-days has left me lugging around a gym bag continuously filled with anything and everything I could possibly need to swim, bike, or run.

I don't carry a purse during the week anymore...

I ran the Frostbite Four race today, and had a goal in mind of running at a faster pace than I did at the Polar Dash, and maybe get as close to 8 flat as possible. I ended up starting at 7:30ish, realized I was going too fast after half a mile, slowed down too much (8:28 in mile 2), then rallied for a negative split and a 7:52 final mile. Final time was 32:44 (8:11 average pace.) Definitely faster than last month’s 10k, but I think I could have done better. I spent most of 2 and 3 wondering if I should speed up–I’m completely lacking any mental game in short distances like this. Something to improve upon. Jeff and I hit up this race together, and he finished in under 29 minutes–and ran an awesome race! Here we are after finishing:

It was definitely a fun race (with a chili feed after–bonus!) and the perfect way to kick off my 24th birthday.

I’ll leave you with this shot of my birthday cake, which probably has enough calories to sustain human life for a couple weeks.

mmm cake!

Up next: my new training adventure! I’m mixing things up in my quest to run a speedy half marathon in April. (Oh, and, uh, learn to be a triathlete.)

Happy running!

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