The First Week

So, this past Monday marked day one of not being in control of my own training program. This was more of a testing/rest week, the Coach told me, and it looked like this:

Monday: easy spin

Tuesday: Max HR test

Wednesday: easy spin

Thursday: Lactate Threshold test

Friday: 40 minute run, 45 minutes strength

Saturday: 1 hour bike

Sunday: 1 hour run

The details:

On Tuesday, I ran a 6:58 mile to get my heart rate up to 188. I had to do it on a treadmill since I live on the frozen tundra, and I think I started a little too conservatively (instructions were to run a mile as fast as I possibly could) but I was definitely dying by the end (treadmill at 9.9! very real fear of careening off the back of it!)

Thursday’s LT Test was running 20 minutes the hardest I thought I could run for 20 minutes, but the catch was that I couldn’t slow down or speed up once I started. (Um, SCARY!) I ended up going with a 7:41 pace at the urging of the Coach, who said that I should absolutely be sub-8 for this test after I proposed running 8 flat. This was, in theory, supposed to be my 5k pace, but I don’t know if I had much left after those 20 minutes were up. It was tough.

Now that the testing is done, all my runs/bike rides are based on heart rate zones (which were determined using my resting, max, and LT heart rates.) So Friday was a Zone 2 run, which, for me, means keeping my heart rate under 154. It also means I was barely moving. I was a little riled up about something totally unrelated when I hit the gym over lunch on Friday, so my heart rate was already a little high. Once I got started, I found that I had to go much slower than I anticipated, which only pissed me off and made my heart rate jump higher. I got it under control though, and ended up with an 11:46 average pace. (I usually shot for 9:30ish on my easy running days before I started all this HR training business.) So yeah. Massively humbling to go that SLOW.

Saturday’s trainer ride was in the same zone, and I can bike 14.5 mph there–and since I’m new to biking, I have nothing to compare to–so it didn’t leave me cussing under my breath! Yay!

Today’s run was Zone 2 as well. Pace was slightly better–11:41. I felt like I did a better job of staying calm, but it’s hard to see an hour go by and only go 5 MILES, you know? I also discovered that most of the songs on my iPod are off limits when I’m trying to keep my heart rate under control. “Bad Romance” came on and I actually saw it jump 4-5 beats, like, instantly.

I just got my schedule for this week and I have a tempo run and a speed workout! YAY! This will be my first full week of actual training with the Coach, so I’m excited to see how it goes. Let the build for the half marathon PR begin!

Oh, and my husband kept up his little tradition of giving me chick flicks and candy for Valentine’s Day, so I spent the afternoon in a Reese’s-induced sugar coma watching these:

And then I had to log those Reese’s on DailyBurn (part of the coaching). Suck.

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy running!

2 Responses to “The First Week”

  1. 1 Autumn February 15, 2010 at 6:49 am

    Your slow pace is around my normal one lol. But then I’m just beginning. I know how frustrating it is to have to watch your heart rate though, years ago (way back when I was over 200 pounds) my personal trainer made me watch mine, it’s part of the reason I never followed through that time around and therefore didn’t lose the weight. I was frustrated enough with myself for getting to that size, then to have to go what felt SUPER slow on top of it, gah!

    I listen to techno now when I work out, I wonder how fast my heart goes at it..never thought of it before lol. Great movies!! The Ugly Truth would be my favorite out of that bunch, I love Katherine Heigle 🙂

  2. 2 February 15, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Great workouts!! Good job on all your runs. That’s terric. I’m just so ready for warm weather so I can get outside to run more!!

    Jen 🙂

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