1000s, 800s, and 400s, oh my!

Hey did you know that when your coach sets a crazy ambitious goal for your upcoming half marathon some of the workouts are going to hurt?

I managed to overlook this possibility.

Case in point: this past Thursday’s speed workout.

4×1000, target time: 4 minutes. 400 recovery.

3×800, target time 3:30, 400 recovery.

4×400, target time 75 seconds (ha ha HA!), 2 minute recovery.

That’s FIVE MILES of running so fast I thought I might possibly be on the brink of death. I came out of the workout with these times:

1000s: 4:08-4:16

800s: 3:28-3:39

400s: 1:36-1:40

Nowhere NEAR that 400 target time, but that’s alright. Coach said the times he was giving me were simply targets, and that he’d be “very impressed” if I could hit them. I obviously took that as a challenge, but at some point the runner who never does speed work starts to give out, you know? I saw my max heart rate twice that I can recall towards the end there, so I think I pushed pretty hard.

This workout SUCKED. It was crazy hard for me physically (last week’s 4×1200 at 5k pace was my first real speed workout EVER, and it was a HELL of a lot easier), and mentally it was just rough. I’m grateful to have survived it though, and hope somewhere down the road this makes for not only faster legs, but a sound mind. I know I’ve got to learn to fight–especially if I’m going to clobber that 1:47.

Also of note this week was today’s zone 2 run, which I got in at just under 10 minute pace! (My first zone 2 run a few weeks ago was close to a 12-minute pace.) It’s extremely encouraging to see improvement like that, and it’s really helping me wrap my head around some of the goals the Coach and I are going to accomplish this year.

So far, this having-a-coach business is working for me. I love having to be accountable to someone. I love that I’m being pushed harder than I used to push myself. I REALLY love that the Coach has gotten it into my head that I’m going to accomplish some things this year that I had on a list of things I once figured I’d be lucky to get done by the time I’m 30. This year. We’re doing some of them this year. It feels so good to have these monstrous goals out on the horizon, but KNOW that they’re not out of reach.

Coming up: swimming OVER 1000 yards for the first time tomorrow, and my first crack at Yasso 800s on Thursday. I’m excited to see how fast I can run them, since you know what they say about your Yasso 800 times.

Happy running!

1 Response to “1000s, 800s, and 400s, oh my!”

  1. 1 Jen-JensFitnessTips.com March 1, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    Swimming will be a great workout!! My gosh you have had some killer workouts!! You rock. Keep it up!! You make me want to go run like crazy now! haha!

    Jen 🙂

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