Back at It

Hey! I’m back!

I know it’s been, well, a month, but you see I’ve been busy. I picked my whole entire life up, changed almost everything a girl could possibly change, and moved it all a thousand miles away. To Houston. In August.

(I know, right? Am I crazy? Maybe. It’s pretty damn hot here.)

Since this blog is about my training I won’t go into the particulars of what brought me to the great state of Texas, (though Megan is convinced I should write a book about it) I will tell you that I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Ever.

Anyways, onward to training! Since it’s a million jillion degrees here in August (no really, the thermometers say ‘million jillion.’ Really.) my pace has suffered substantially since I hit the ground. I’ve taken to doing tempo runs and speed work on the treadmill, because, frankly, I can’t hold pace worth a damn when the heat index is already 90+ degrees at 5 am before the sun is even up. It’s getting better and it is cooling off, but those first couple weeks really made me feel like I wasn’t a runner–just some lame poser drenched in sweat.  I had an 18-miler shortly after getting here that hurt worse than my last marathon. No joke. I just keep telling myself suffering in the sun could mean that a cool day in Chicago (like I like ’em!) could mean verrrry good things for me come October 10th. Here’s hoping.

Since I’m a glutton for punishment and I’ve recently taken to, um, starting all over, I decided now was also the time to make myself into a legit triathlete. I’m back with Mr. Coach Extraordinaire Jeff Kline, and I’ve been logging somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 hours a week between swimming, biking, and running. And just to keep myself honest about logging those damn miles in the pool every week, I signed up for a triathlon on the 26th of this month. It’s Olympic distance. If you recall, I’ve never done an outdoor tri before. But I’m feeling awfully brave these days : )

Since you heard from me last, I’ve also had my first bike crash (road rash owwww! traffic SCARY!) and gotten my first flat. I’ve run under bridges infested with bats (by accident. eeew.) and through the glorious Houston suburbs where its appears one has to be an athlete of some sort to qualify for the home loan. (Seriously. Runners and cyclists everywhere!) I’ve learned I can no longer run 10 miles without water on me. I discovered the Speedfil bottle, while seemingly brilliant, is rather poorly engineered for the mount on my bike. I’ve canoed through downtown Austin (the Brazos River I think?) and then hit up the hot mess that is 6th Street on a Saturday night. I’ve discovered the female-specific bike saddle is actually worth every single penny I paid for it. I’ve learned to navigate my way through the streets of the nation’s 4th largest city. I’ve made new friends, and missed my old ones.

But most importantly, I’ve smiled through it all.

Happy running.

8 Responses to “Back at It”

  1. 1 susanruns September 9, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    Texas in August?? That sounds miserable! I’m hoping for a cool Chicago day as well…fingers crossed!

    I want to know what made you so happy!

  2. 2 jeri September 10, 2010 at 10:22 am

    I was just going to text/yell at you to update your blog so I know what the eff is going on in your life. :p You are already dreadfully missed this weekend. 😦 I will be imagining you yelling at me all 13.1 miles to hustle up and beat your PR. 😉

    Love you!

    • 3 Sophie November 12, 2013 at 6:30 am

      That is strange the way your table glass saertethd. We have one on our patio that we’ve had for 26 years. If heat can cause them to shatter ours may explode any day. It is in the shade though. If it had been in the sun it would probably have been gone long ago. Yes, there are so many mysteries in this life. It boggles my mind when I think seriously about it.Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing with us again.Blessings,Charlotte

  3. 4 tinyjenna September 10, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    texas in august?!?! insane! you look happy – can’t wait to see you in october, you better call me when you’re in town!

    • 5 Rai November 12, 2013 at 8:47 am

      . HOWEVER, Woman B claimed she had never said annyhitg to A about my wife spreading the rumors and that she was simply concerned about her. She was sorry, apologized, but understood if my wife didn’t trust her as a friend. My wife was hurt, but choose to forgive woman B and move on and attempt to repair things with woman A.The next morning, woman B went to A and told her what my wife had done to her. Woman A was concerned about the accuracy of the information she was getting from B. Woman A asked her again if she was sure that what she had said at the party was true, including the party about my wife telling many different people and maliciously attempting to start the rumors. B said this was all true again, and that my wife was really upset with A and wanted to bring her down with what she said.A week later, my wife tried to talk to woman A to apologize for what was said. Woman A would not even look at my wife. She said she was done with her as a friend. She explained that woman B had come back to her to tell her she had been talking about her AGAIN, and she reiterated about the fact she had been spreading the rumors maliciously and my wife wanted to hurt woman A. None of this was true. Woman A called my wife a slew of fowl language in front of me, in front of dozens of her close friends and in front of many of my wife’s friends. She stated that she was lying because woman B had said these things to her twice, and that she wouldn’t lie.My wife is woman A’s boss. Woman A is letting this effect her work. Woman A has cut off all communication with my wife outside of work. Woman B is now completely avoiding my wife entirely as well as woman B’s husband, who is a close friend of mine.My wife forgave them both for what happened. Several weeks has passed. I have a hard time forgiving these people and wanted them to ever be back at our home. They were both very good friends of my wife’s and now she feels alone and isolated because her two best friends destroyed their friendship. I even lost a close friend. The collateral damage goes very deep, since these were mutual friends of almost everyone we know.My wife wants me to move on, but I have such a hard time with that. My wife was trying to do the biblically accurate thing to hold a fellow sister in christ accountable and her other sister in christ; who was not a new christian, but a strong one, threw it in her face. She broke her trust not once, but twice.I just think she doesn’t need to be friends with these people if this is how they treat their relationships. I don’t feel comfortable having them around my home if this is what they choose to do.What do you think?

    • 6 February 18, 2014 at 6:34 am

      My hat is off to your astute command over this topic-bravo!

  4. 7 northlandrunner September 13, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    I can’t even imagine running in that heat! Props to you!

    Glad it’s been a successful move. I’m super excited to hear about your TRI! -Keep the goofy challenge in mind! 🙂 yay!

    • 8 Budak November 12, 2013 at 2:10 pm

      في December 17, 2012 5:50 pm hhhhhhhhhh chofi rhiro chtteek dima tab3ah!!!!!!ach lah fadiha dial 2010-2011 ll khotba dialo2012-2013 wella khassek dima tjebdi lmrhareba ya nono hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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