Three is a Charm

Oh hey, I’m running my third marathon in 48 hours.

(Note the distinct lack of taper crazy posts over here.)

I can’t explain it. I’m not worried at all. I have no idea what I’m capable of–my training was certainly interrupted by my, erm, life changes (and the Houston inferno) but I can’t help but feel optimistic.

Here’s what I’ll be telling myself when the crazy finally hits me (if it does):

I’ve cross-trained my little heart out this training cycle. All that swimming and biking has to be worth something, right?

I ran the miles. I didn’t do most of them as fast as I used to be able to (like I said, INFERNO) but I still got the miles in. Suffering in this heat will make the high 50s I hear we can expect at the starting line on Sunday feel like magic.

Unlike heading into Fargo, I now know exactly what it feels like to run for 26.2 miles and not stop. Now I just hope to do it faster : )

And lastly, the heat in Houston finally broke and I ran mile repeats in the 7:20s last week. Not really an improvement from the spring (it’s pretty much exactly the same), but I had the legs to run a solid marathon then, so I’ve got ’em now, right?

My plan for the race is to run with Angie (fellow PRS teammate and speedster extraordinaire). Before my little hiatus Angie and I were almost neck-in-neck in our race times (I say almost because she’s faster than me, for the record) but she and I have the same struggles in races–the mental. So Coach suggested we run it together.

We’re going to qualify for Boston.

(See how I said that all positive-like?)

I’d be lying if I said I felt like I had the most solid training cycle and knew it was a slam-dunk–I don’t know that. What I know is I can run a marathon. I can fight hard. I have someone to help me. And I don’t have anything to lose by trying. Truth be told, I’d rather bonk with, say, a 3:43 than finish with the same time and have a lot left in the tank, you know?

No matter what happens on Sunday, though, I’m just excited for once. Not scared. Not feeling like I might throw up from nervousness. Not obsessing over every last drop of water I’ve consumed. I get to run one of the biggest marathons in the world. How cool is that?

See you at the finish line.

Happy running.

8 Responses to “Three is a Charm”

  1. 1 jeri October 8, 2010 at 9:33 am

    GO get em love! Give it all you’ve got….BQ or bust. We should probably schedule a skype date for early next week to discuss the race in painstaking detail. Perhaps over some coldstone….just an idea I had. 🙂

    • 2 Huseyin November 12, 2013 at 10:14 am

      Well for now just a simple hit-counter will do for me. I’m thrliled at what it shows though, looks like I’m getting almost 50 hits a day, which is more than I thought. Must write more interesting stuff for all these visitors to read…

  2. 3 Susan - Nurse on the Run October 9, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    Good luck tomorrow!! I’ll be thinking about you and channeling some of your thoughts into my purple shoes. 🙂

    Goooooo BQ!! It will definitely help to have a running buddy, so good luck to both of you!! Can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂

    • 4 Abi January 24, 2013 at 10:09 pm

      Great point Jen, and thanks so much for the great fadcbeek. It warms our hearts knowing we’ve created such a positive event for your family and others like yours. Regarding the start times If you remember last year, we had a 9:30, 5k start AND manual timing. What happened was all of the runners arrived at the same time from both 5k and 21k. This was a little busy for us. So, this year we changed the start time to allow some spacing in-between the 2 events. However, the event received a gracious donation from the Royal Bank which allowed us to add chip timing this year. Awesome! This system allows us to have many runners arriving all at the same time. Again, Awesome! Bottom line? Next year we are planning to have chip timing which will allow for a later start for the 5k. Yea!

      • 5 Diana November 12, 2013 at 10:29 am

        1) I just got back to work after being out of the office for two weeks, and I’ve spent most of my day caithcng up on your posts. I consider far more productive and beneficial than working. 2) I’m gonna make the shit out of this recipe. I love all things Cuban!3) I have the black short sleeved PaleOMG shirt. Love it. I got a medium, and I generally wear a small or medium, and the medium was a little tight. May be because of my semi-large boobs (I hate them). Customer service is AWESOME. I’d actually told my fiance (now hubby) that I wanted a PaleOMG shirt. So I ordered one the next day, and, nice guy he is, decided to surprise me and ordered the exact same shirt. Since I don’t need two, he simply emailed Renegade and they were more than happy to quickly fix the issue!

    • 6 Rosetta January 27, 2013 at 4:05 am

      Mmm you food looks amazing and tell your mom and dad I want to come to the beach this weenekd, too. Running is so different for each person. I think that if 30 felt like too much and made your long runs unenjoyable then definitely cut back. I don’t think know if there is a too much, so long as you gradually increase and your body can handle the mileage. The more you run the more fit and efficient you will become. I would love to bump my miles up to 75 or higher, but have found that unless I’m very careful and constantly vigilant, I can easily get injured with anything over 65. If you work your way up gradually and drop back down and bump back up, you should be able to increase mileage without feeling like you’re too tired and therefore dislike it.I might try one week at 20, then two at 25, one at 30, back to 25, back up to 30 wait how many weeks until october 15? ok, 5. How about:week 1 (next week)-25, week 2-30, week 3-25, week 4-30, week 5(race week)-20 maybe 25, because your race is already 13 Anyway, I’m not a pro just some thoughts about moving the mileage up and down. You know your body and what it needs better than anyone and I’m sure you’ll rock this half marathon!

      • 7 Yukihiko November 12, 2013 at 12:57 pm

        Just made these and I am concerned they are not haidenrng I saw some posts about adding more coconut cream concentrate obviously too late now but, I really want to make this recipe work – to all those that got it to work/harden exactly how much coconut cream concentrate did you really use? I def used more than 1/4 cup as I was concerned from the beginning so I may have used 1/3 of a cup but, still not enough?

      • 8 February 18, 2014 at 7:12 am

        I will be putting this dazzling insight to good use in no time.

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