I know, I the LAMEST blogger there ever was. I ran a marathon and then didn’t post a race recap. Didn’t give you splits to obsess over. Details to mull over. Pre-race meals to analyze.

In a word, LAME!

The truth is, I was feeling particularly uninspired to write a Chicago race recap, because, frankly, it was Fargo all over again. It was hotter than what I’m good at, and it just didn’t go well. However, I got to meet some fantastic people and run the streets of a gorgeous city. Still not a bad day : )

So! Since then I’ve run a few 5ks (three to be exact! Mr. Engineer and I are training for his first half and he’s all about the need for speed!) and I even won my age group once! Whee! I’m learning the 5k hurts but at least it’s over with quickly!

The Dallas Half Marathon was next on my radar (the previously aforementioned first for Mr. Engineer) but as life would have it, I’m actually going to be in Australia from Thanksgiving to Christmas now. (Dallas is December 5th.) While I’m bummed to miss the chance to see Mr. Engineer cover the distance (with a medal at the end!) I’m jacked about the opportunity to put my passport to use for the first time. Yep, that’s right…I’ve seen both coasts, but never left the country! Time for that to change : )

And now, photos!

I pretty much need to have matching outfits with SOMEONE to run a race.

run run run!

when you know it's not a BQ day, you just have to smile and enjoy the miles : )

done. hot. tired. blah.

"oh hey Bart, I ran 3:32s for my 800s. WRONG-O!" Yeah, I said that.

Chicago was a solid weekend, despite the mediocre performance on my part. I will absolutely go back again.

I have NO idea what my next race will be, but I’m hanging out at about 30 miles a week, doing more strength and ab work than I ever used to (thank you Define!) and just trying to enjoy the miles. I’m open to whatever lies ahead.

Happy running.

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