Training Lately

I know I said I was going to post pictures of my adventures while Jeri and Megan visited Houston, but then I remembered I hadn’t blathered on about my running in a while–so that first, ok?

If you recall, last month I complained loudly mentioned that not having any races to train for was leaving me with all the motivation of a dead sloth. [If you’re new here, I’m moving to Papua New Guinea sometime in the next month or so, but don’t have an exact date yet so I’m not registering for any races right now.] One night a couple weeks ago I had an inspired idea and took to my computer to email Coach Jeff about it asap: run a 70 mile week. We were going to take my mileage to around there for Chicago (until I turned my life upside down. Oops.) and it would definitely give me something to work for and provide me with a sense of accomplishment. Perfect, right? His response? Let’s make it 100.

Whoa, right? I’m getting into the heat of the climb now, and my body is responding well–probably due to the fact that right now it’s nothing but easy base-building miles. No speedwork, no tempo, just miles and miles. (I am, after all, still trying to get my running fitness back after running like 100 miles total between November and December. Slacker.) The last 4 weeks have totaled out at 34, 44, 50, and 40 miles–and I’m doing it all on 4 days of running a week.

Yeah, double digits pretty much all the time.

So far I’m grateful to have this goal in front of me, because right now I’m totally uninspired to run. While I’m very happy for all of you who are training for Boston, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m seething with envy a little jealous–not just that it’s Boston, but that you have a definite race to train for at all. It’s clear to me now that I (mostly) run to race.

A lot of those miles thus far have been total and absolute crap, but some have been great (like the ones I got to run with Megan and Jeri! miss my running buddies!) but I feel like overall I’m headed back towards having some actual endurance again. I’m turbo slow right now, but Coach says I’ll be absolutely astounded to see what a monster base does for my speed down the road–and the guy has a habit of being right.

Ok, now pictures of running! I flat-out stole these from Jeri. Does that count as a photo credit?

obviously we coordinated outfits. obviously.

me looking awkward on the run.

check out that footfall! no heel strike for this girl! (oh, you're looking at my J-Lo booty in spandex? Fair enough.)

and now Jeri!

I guess since I took this picture it's less like stealing right?

Fro-yo after the run. natch. That J-Lo booty isn't going to keep itself intact.

Now go visit Jeri’s blog and tell her what a good photographer she is so she doesn’t get mad at me for stealing all her photos mmmkay?

Happy running!

2 Responses to “Training Lately”

  1. 1 jeri January 24, 2011 at 10:27 am

    I mean….why WOULDN’T we coordinate outfits for a run? That’s just a given as far as I’m concerned…..

  2. 2 amyreinink January 24, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    I laughed out loud when I read about your “seething with envy” about the Boston-bound friends. Running’s on the back burner for me right now, but I’m suffering some serious jealousy watching my ski-patrol candidate class continue with their training while I tend to a torn ACL. Acknowledging an ugly emotion is the first step in moving past it … right?

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