Would You Do It?

So I had something interesting happen to me tonight: I was offered a bib for the Houston Marathon. (Backstory: It switched to lottery this year and I tried to get in but lost. And I live IN Houston, if you’re new here, so, it would have been kind of perfect to run it.)

Anyways, I’ve been pretty bitter about the whole lottery business (word on the street is they’re only doing it because of the trials being held here next year–allegedly it’s speculated that this race will be monstrously popular in 2012 so they instituted a lottery now to try it out…and if this is totally wrong I apologize but it’s what I’ve heard and it seems feasible) and even got in touch with some charities about running that way. When I found out the fundraising minimums also came with a hefty entry fee ON TOP, I decided my bank account would thank me for passing. I even looked at Craig’s List once out of curiosity–there were plenty of bibs there since not only is the race lottery-only, they allow NO transfers.

So clearly I don’t have a lot of love for the way this one’s being run (har!) and the chance to cheat them at their own game sounded a little appealing, to be honest. However, these are the thoughts that went through my head:

1) My Coach would KILL ME. KILL ME DEAD.
2) I JUST ran 20 miles today.
3) You get blacklisted for 2 years (I think) if you get busted cheating.

Notice nowhere in that above list was it “golly gee, it’s wrong to break the rules so I’ll play nice!” This literally was the order these things occurred to me–which made me wonder, if you remove the first two, would I be willing to risk it? The bib was for someone with demographic information very similar to mine, no special medical conditions (like me), and frankly, even if I got caught, I won’t be living in the US for the next two Houston marathons, so, uh, is blacklisted so bad?

I know it is, and I know I’d feel terrible and embarrassed if I got caught–but still, what are the chances that I would?

So what do you think? I ultimately said no, but to be perfectly honest, I did it for reasons #1 and #2. While it’s impossible to speculate an alternate outcome removing those two, I’m comfortable saying I’d probably have very seriously considered it. Before you jump all over me because you were/are a race director, again I reiterate, I’m not doing it. But I thought about it. What do you think?


Anywho, marathon weekend also means the US Half Marathon Championships were today! I got to personally creep on Ryan Hall running like 12.5 miles per hour. Awesome.

mile 7-ish I believe. (I'm not so much with the maps.)

and again!

ands the ladies! note eventual winner Jen Rhines tucked in like a smarty! (she's the red shoe you can barely see)

a couple miles later. the pack getting smaller.

Rhines looked really strong, from this non-expert's view.

is that Tera Moody? Remember that story in Runner's World about how she has insomnia and runs like 100+ mile weeks and 2:30ish marathons? HOW DOES SHE DO IT??

So no photographic genius here, but, uh, I just have a little point-and-shoot and these people run FAST.

After spectating I got in a lovely little 20-miler, which I’d joked all week would hopefully keep my jealousy at bay while spectating tomorrow. Turns out it may have kept me out of the race too…

Happy running!

3 Responses to “Would You Do It?”

  1. 1 Lisa January 30, 2011 at 7:47 am

    Not sure if I’ve commented before, but these are sone fun pictures!! Very cool that you got spectate the race.

    As per your other question, I think I would be super frustrated about the way the Houston marathon handled things this year. I’m generally against selling/ giving away bibs, but your case sounds at least reasonable. I will say I think I’m always against being a bandit.

    Hope you had a good 20-miler yesterday!

  2. 2 Lucas February 18, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Not sure how I didn’t see this post! Nice pictures from the race, seems like almost all of them have a CO runner in them. Thanks for representing my state 😛 That is Tera, she’s a beast, in the best of ways! See her at a fair amount of races around here.

  1. 1 What a Running Snob « purpleshoe runs Trackback on January 31, 2011 at 9:07 pm

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