Paperwork Ninja

Oh look, I went ANOTHER week without posting again. That’s lame.

I’ve been busy, though. I finally got a handle on some of the tangibles for my date to leave the country and so I’ve been standing in lines in government offices like it’s my job and filling out paperwork and bracing myself for having boatloads of blood drawn and vaccines for things like Japanese Encephalitis (what?!) and…reading all of your blogs on my iPhone while I wait in line : )

[Truth: My phone can now spell ‘dietitian’ more readily than I can. I’m looking at you, Heather: ) ]

Anyways, it’s looking like I’ll be bidding farewell to the great Unites States [side note: I don’t care HOW divided our country is on, um, EVERYTHING. this is a great place to live] somewhere around March 24th. What’s that mean? Sometime between now and then I have to get vaccinated for every gross thing lurking in Papua New Guinea, meet with the movers (did that today! check one for me!) get a visa, buy a whole bunch of crap that I want but can’t get in PNG (think bodyglide, candles, that scent of VS body spray I looooove, etc.) get a criminal background check (no criminals in PNG allowed, yo!) and, uh, pack up my whole life.

Again. For the second time in just over six months.

The old me would be flipping out right now, but at this juncture I’m truly excited. I get to live in one of the most random places ever, have the opportunity to travel ANYWHERE (it’s mandatory to leave PNG once every few months! score!) and further my career in a way I had always hoped to but never figured was realistic. (More on the job sitch when I’m on the ground in my new homeland!)

***If you’re all like, what the French, toast? I just moved to Houston in August (from South Dakota), got a passport in November, spent December in Australia, and now I’m moving to Papua New Guinea for two years. (Think 3 o’clock on Australia–straight North of there.) Hopefully if you’re new here this saves you the 22 minutes necessary to go through my less-than-plentiful archives :P***

Because government offices are full of crazy people (no, SERIOUSLY! I saw a guy argue to the death with a DPS worker today about his stupid expired passport as a form of ID) I don’t have any awesome pictures of where I’ve been spending all my time lately. (I was afraid I’d get cut if I busted my camera out. For real.) Instead, I offer you some random, well, randomness.

I made bruschetta! (Yes, it was enough for a small army.)

I took a picture of one of the RIDICULOUSLY large salads I usually eat for lunch. (There's chicken buried in there too! Protein, yo!)

Mr. Engineer and I went out fancy-style & I wore this dress (pic from dressing room where it was purchased--Alannah Hill boutique in Australia.)

Hope you’re running fast and feeling fabulous : )

4 Responses to “Paperwork Ninja”

  1. 1 jeri February 17, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    I could eat a mountain of banana peppers and that still wouldn’t be enough. Where have they been my whole life?!?!?!?

    Bummed you’re peacing out so soon. Just means I have to save my pennies so I can meet up with you…. uh… somehwere! 😀

    miss you love.

  2. 2 Page Spicer February 17, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    Whoa whoa whoa – stop the presses. That is awesome that you are moving, but why are you moving? Need details STAT!

  3. 3 Heather C February 18, 2011 at 9:32 am

    TWO YEARS?! Mah gosh, that is a long time yo! What a crazy/awesome/random adventure for you two (Mr. E comes too, yes?) 🙂 Anxious to hear more about this job situation…

    On another note, it’s refreshing to know your phone spells DietiTian right (no C in there!) 😉 xo

  4. 4 katie February 18, 2011 at 10:27 am

    all that paperwork would make me crazy. and like everyone else, i’m starving for details. what’s going on? what’s awesomeness are you up to now??? 🙂

    bruschetta is one of my favorite things, we eat it at least 2x a week. mmm, balsamic, you make my gums throb oh so nicely.

    LOVE the dress, btw. lucky mr. E!

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