The Long(est) Run (in six months!)

So Saturday I actually freakin’ did it! I survived 2 hours, 52 minutes and 43 seconds on a treadmill. (17.5 miles, 9:48 pace I think?)

It wasn’t fast, but my heart rate stayed low, and I ran a massive negative split (and felt good!) so I call it a success.

Nutrition-wise, I made it through with one Gatorade (regular strength…G2 doesn’t exist here) and one Roctane gel (that I took at mile 7) as well as water. I’m trying to ration the two gels I have left until we go to Sydney (vacation!) in a couple weeks, and I think this combo worked well.

my home for a few hours

I even ran for so long I got that nasty ponytail frizz thing that always makes me think of Jeri because hers is just more fierce than anyone’s I’ve ever seen : )

awkward iPad gym mirror photo. extra frizz.

Today we headed off to buy groceries and I’m giving PNG bananas a shot since they looked the healthiest I’d ever seen them.

bananas here are teeny

And after many weeks of finding things here and there (you just never know what the grocery stores will have in stock), I finally had all the ingredients to make chili! I don’t care that October means it’s getting hotter here. There will be chili, dammit!

chili! (in summer, but whatever).

And in other exciting news, there was high-quality fresh broccoli at the store this week! Sadly that’s not a given here…obviously I bought a ton of it, dumped a bunch of random stuff in a bowl after I roasted it, and ate it while I caught up on the latest season of the Big Bang Theory (that Megan sent us!)

it's almost like home : )

And then after shopping I realized I kind of wanted to run (no soreness from the long run! score!)…so I jumped on the treadmill for what I figured could be a nice 3-4 sloowww recovery miles. And then I ran 6.

I KNOW! I need to not be a moron about overtraining…but my HR stayed between 140-145 the whole time! (I ran just over 10 minute pace). I have no idea how this happened (ordinarily this would push me close to 160)…my only guess is that over the past months I’ve been so lazy about getting the miles in I just ran as slow as I wanted to and somehow it’s been a benefit? I haven’t been paying attention to my HR much prior to this week, so maybe I accidentally ran so slow lately I improved my aerobic fitness? Who knows. Either way, it felt effortless, and I finished the week with 46.2 miles.

46.2 miles! That’s a lot of treadmill miles.

All the best to all of you getting ready to crush the Twin Cities Marathon in a few hours. Can’t wait to stalk you online!

Happy running.

2 Responses to “The Long(est) Run (in six months!)”

  1. 1 Katie October 3, 2011 at 11:14 am

    ugh, that much time on a TM makes me want to bang my head on the wall, you are a rockstar FER SHURE.

  2. 2 Arka November 12, 2013 at 9:22 am

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