My Week in Photos

20 miles on a treadmill? Check. 3:12:15.

Skank nasty ponytail frizz? Aaaaand check.

gym mirror photo? CHECK.

Compression socks and TOMS on a (very) casual Saturday at the office? Done.

pink, obviously.

Getting me through this week? Knowing that vacation is oh-so-close…

Sydney is just ONE DAY away...and my planner is so much more full of crap than when I took this picture on Monday and then forgot to blog.

Solid hill repeats on Wednesday followed by NO soreness Thursday? Check! Complete with awkward crotch sweat. (Does this happen to anyone else??)

I swear this is not a bladder issue...

Sufficient desk inspiration to drag myself to the gym and knock out 13 over lunch today? Yup!

A little corner of my world..for about 60 hours a week.

And for your enjoyment…a Storm Trooper in a parade we happened upon in New Zealand. Completely randomly. (I’ll totally post photos of New Zealand and all its spectacular awesomeness sometime…but with this internet connection one photo is a 5-6 minute ordeal and OMG THE IMPATIENCE!)

What the what?!

So in just over a day I’m off to Sydney where I’ll RUN OUTSIDE OMG! And it’s only Thursday and I’m at 30 miles for the week…color me smiling.

Happy running.

6 Responses to “My Week in Photos”

  1. 1 Heather C October 13, 2011 at 6:31 am

    So, have you added that crotch-sweat shot to the motivation corner? 😉 Get it, get it!

    Have fun in Sydney!!

  2. 2 katie October 13, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    we have the same pink socks. 🙂

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